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New research examines the link between Big 5 personality traits and resistance to oppositional political content

PsyPost, June 2023


Why populism has an enduring and ominous appeal

The Conversation, February 2023

How many politicians are psychopaths?

The Garden of Forking Paths, February 2023

The GOP presidential contenders don’t want to have a beer with you

The Washington Post, January 2023

You Don’t Negotiate with These Kinds of People

The New York Times, January 2023

Rightwing Eurovision fans love an ‘ethno-traditional’ tune, research shows

The Guardian, November 2022


Surprising Reasons Why Narcissists Like Conspiracy Theories

Psychology Today, August 2022


Direita ou Esquerda. Uma questão de personalidade?

Noticias Magazine, April 2022


Putin: the psychology behind his destructive leadership – and how best to tackle it according to science

The Conversation, March 2022


What Can Personality Profiles of President Putin Tell Us?

Psychology Today, March 2022


Logika autokraty. Czy Putin w sprawie Ukrainy myśli racjonalnie?

Gazeta Prawna, February 2022

Why preferred prime minister polling matters in elections

New Zealand Herald, June 2021

How to stop psychopaths and narcissists from winning positions of power

The Conversation, April 2021


Big trends in American politics are making events like the U.S. Capitol violence more likely

The Washington Post, January 2021


Diagnosing Trump with a Mental Illness

Psychology Today, January 2021


Boris Johnson's Covid Case Has Echoes for Trump

Bloomberg News, October 2020


Trump, Putin and Bolsonaro find their populist playbooks are no match for coronavirus

CNN, May 2020


Trump Finally Recognized His Mistake

The Atlantic, April 2020


Der Aufstieg der Enfants terribles

Schweizer Monat, February 2020


Sanders vs. Trump means a battle of the bases, and Trump has the advantage

NBC News, February 2020


Retrato del político populista

El Diario, September 2019

Ich bin soooo hässig! Giftige Suppe aus Politik und Social Media

Blick, February 2019

Populistas psicópatas

El Diario, February 2019

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