Lucky lizards, iconic movies, undecided penguins, and other random stuff

Lucky lizards

Chronic indecision

Perhaps the best scene in movie history: The untouchables (1987), Union Station scene

Dogs herding sheep

Worst scene in movie history? The Langoliers (1995)

Powers of ten

Sydney, from a new angle

The most iconic shots in movie history (Technicolor edition)

Life is beautiful (1997), the school speech

Best of Christopher Nolan

History of the entire world, I guess

Interstellar (2014), the wave scene

Game of Simpsons

The most beautiful Disney shots

Ladies and gents, the peacock spider

You are welcome

Yule Log

A nation under the gun

Rob Hisey, from another planet

Every New York Times front page since 1852

1000 years of European borders

The most iconic shots in movie history (some of them, anyho)

90 years of TIME magazine covers

The most iconic shots in movie history (part II)

Mold. Oh yes, mold

Aurora Borealis from Space, NASA

30 days at sea

How the triplet flow took over rap

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